Wildress Homestead Candle Collection

Wildress Homestead Candle Collection


A new beautiful capsule collection of candle's from our favorite Wildress gal! Same great quality candle in a beautiful and simple vestle. Choose from 5 scent's that all make a home feel like the perfect fall day. All list in detail below.


Vintage Wood: That familiar, yet somehow sophisticated, scent of worn wood and time embedded into the life of a cedar chest.Great alternative for our Sweet Tobacco lovers.Notes of: cedar, clove, chestnuts


Havest Moon: Near the autumn equinox, the harvest moon rises signaling to us all that the season is changing. Welcome the fall with this fragrance of spicy chai tea, baked pumpkin, vanilla, and clove. Sweetened with brown sugar and fig, this scent encompasses all the fall offers us. Notes of: clove, cinnamon, cedar, musk, vanilla, brown sugar, pumpkin, fig, lemon


Wild Fig: An aromatized representation of floral fig, balanced by crisp green apples and black currants.Did you know a fig is the blossom itself? The inverted blossom is the fruit. Fun fact! Notes of: fresh fig, currants, florals, crisp apples


Tangerine Mint: Tangerine Mint blends the bright, cheery scent of freshly picked tangerines from the garden with the wild mint that grows without direction. Notes of: juicy tangerines, herbaceous peppermint


Hot Apple Pie: Just like mom makes it, our Hot Apple Pie candle activates the nostalgia. Spiced with clove, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, apples are baked in a crunchy pie crust to give this hot-out-of-the-oven experience for the senses. Notes of: cinnamon, clove, apple, almond, vanilla, pie crust


  • Candle Details

    Ingredients: natural soy wax, natural essential and botanical oils, fine fragrance oils, and natural cotton wick.

    Candles are phthalate free.

    This 8oz jar candle burns up to 55 hours when following proper burn instructions. Burn instructions are listed on the bottom of the candle.

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