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Lumi Gloss

Lumi Gloss


It is a healing express toner that has both panthenol and hydrolyzed wheat protein in it to create healthy, soft hair. Like LumiGLOSS balances the pH of hair and evens out the hair's porosity to leave it feeling and looking great.

Can be used as an express toner to give you a bit more gold or can be used every 5-6 shampoos to maintain that gloss between service visits.

Lumi gloss is sulfate-free, paraben-free, vegan and never tested on animals.

Here's the shade range breakdown:

❄️ Frost - cool blondes getting rid of that brass

🍯 Honey - golden blondes or brunettes

🍾 Champagne - beigy and in between warm and cool

☕️ Espresso - deep, rich brunette (can even blend some grey!)

💧 Clear - just for shine, when you don't want to enhance or change color


🌪 Smoke - silver, pewter, smoky hues

🔥 Fire - coppery redheads

🧱 Brick - deep, rich redheads

  • Directions:

    Use on wet or dry hair work in and comb thru. Rinse out and style per usual. 

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